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Coming soon… The Girl with the Electric Sunglasses

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About Invoking Gonzo

Have you ever wondered what going gonzo feels like? Joseph Man hasn’t, but he is about to find out.

He thought things would be different. He’d emigrated from Holland to Chicago and found work as a translator, chasing his American Dream of full US citizenship. But American Dreams are expensive these days and it will be a very long time before he has enough money and resources to fully realize his.

So he waits. He hunkers down in his office cubicle, sacrificing spontaneity and locking away all impulse, until this suppression triggers an unconscious energy, a mischievous archetypal force that runs amok and threatens not only his job and American Dream, but his very identity.

With help from the life and work of Hunter S. Thompson, Man must therefore embark on a daunting journey to reclaim what is rightfully his — himself. In doing so he is not only granted access to his own muddled unconscious, but to the myths and archetypal characters of a universal unconscious we can all relate to. Every archetype has its dark side, though, and whether they cast a long shadow — or in Man’s case a lopsided shadow — they often demand the ultimate sacrifice…

Invoking Gonzo explores Dr. Thompson from a mythological perspective, gonzo from an intimate perspective, and in doing so takes us on an extraordinary journey through the eye of weirdness and into the Realm of Fun, yet somehow manages to show us that the great alchemy of the soul, the life-long quest to discover who we really are, can (with help from the right people) take only moments to achieve. The only question being: does Joseph Man want to know who he really is?


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Invoking Gonzo… first look

Gonzo Cover

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